• Ciao Berto

    Ciao Berto

    Ciao Berto Ciao Berto, a leading manufacturer in Kosovo, trusted us with creating the social and PR communication in various communication channels such as social media and local and international media outlets. Read more

  • QIKA


    QIKA We worked with QIKA, a local NGO, focusing on women’s rights and social issues, on creating their social identity branding, social content and design.  Münster, Germany Read more

  • Sekhmet


    Together with Sekhmet, a new local NGO in Prishtina, we created the brand identity, visual communication and the campaign identity for one of their projects during the 14th Nomadic Biennale Manifesta. Read more

  • Pastatore


    Pastatore A fresh and Italian pasta manufacturer, Pastatore, teamed up to create their brand identity, social media content and management. Read more